Personal Statement: Pursuing A Career

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Carine Green Since childhood, I have tried my best to find something in which I excelled, a path in life that I could turn into a career choice. However, it had not been as simple as I thought for as I developed, matured and refined my academic skills, my passions changed as I gained a love for the sciences. Initially, I wanted to explore a career in detective work, which I pursued for two years. Then at age fifteen, I had my heart set on pursuing law, primarily because I wanted to help people, especially those who had been faced with injustice. However, as I enrolled and completed more advanced and challenging Science classes, I began to develop a passion for pursuing a career in science and its related field. The constant that remained true, though, is that in every career path I desired, I knew that I wanted to help others.
Where did this desire come from? The only explanation I found is that while growing up in a poverty-stricken family of 16 and living in a small apartment, I needed someone to help, guide, and mentor me. Sadly, no one was there and I felt very alone. The experiences lived have served as the
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I hope to gain an opportunity to work with a diverse group of people who share similar interests and goals. This will help me to further deepen and solidify my passion for Medical Science as I learn to develop the skills and the habits of mind needed to be successful in the pursuit of higher education. I know that the college will help me to gain real-life experience that will be valuable in college. It will vastly improve my scientific content knowledge, critical thinking skills, scientific reading and writing capabilities as well as oral presentation. Hence, my communication skills will be significantly
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