Personal Statement: Pursuing A Degree In Law School

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Personal Statement
Growing up in a predominantly Caribbean household I had long learned the understanding of passion. I had a passion for food, music and my culture. As I grew older I developed a passion for learning and to my surprise it came easily to me. Often I would read endless books to quench my thirst for understanding the world around me. During my childhood, learning seemed to be the only constant thing and it seemed to be my “talent”. My eagerness to learn kept my anchored as I moved from school to school. Over the course of my elementary education I changed schools 4 times. As my neighborhoods changed and the familiar faces faded, I realized that school was the one constant in my life. While I was in high school, my family experienced
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I found myself aimlessly thinking of a career I was truly passionate about. I often found myself thinking of my friend and family member who had passed away in my teenage years. I thought of all the things she would never get to accomplish and the dreams she would no longer get to fulfill. I thought of myself and how I still had the ability to chase my wildest dreams. So I did something I had not done for some time, I had a leap of faith. I started to look into applying to law schools. While I was always intrigued with the multiple facets of the law I thought it beside myself to actually become a lawyer. But, instead of letting fear rule me I choose to push myself beyond my level of comfort. This journey has revealed to me many sides of myself that I thought long lost. One of my favorite quotes state: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure”. All those years of uncertainty after a tragic loss had taught me not only to trust myself but the ability to gain perspective from the…show more content…
Filled with a flurry of emotions, it was then that I knew that my decision to pursue a career in law was rightly placed. The immense conflict and violence that these individuals rifled with daily was a shock to the comfort that I had grown so accustom to while living in the USA. But, what struck me so deeply was the lack of security that thousands of refugees face daily and the utter disregard of their basic human rights. Although they are filled with strife, there are so many refugees who continue to fight for the liberties that so many others are awarded with ease. The possibility that I can produce a blemish of change on how the world relieves the refugee crises has filled me with a sense of purpose and determination. I believe that if given the opportunity to attend law school I can plant the seed that sparks the mind for people who share my background and who desire to make a change in this world. The times that I spent in my life unsure of who I was has filled me with a sense of realization. I often find myself like many others who experience lack of security at odds with circumstances beyond my control but I also realize that I have the ability to be so much more than my circumstances. My experiences have made me a stronger person and I have reignited the passion within myself by finding something within the study of law that invigorates me. Of the many things I have learned about myself the most apparent
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