Personal Statement : Raising My Rainbow As My Source Of Weapons Essay

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This book challenged many of my pre-convinced believes. For a long time, I believed people “chose” to be homosexual or heterosexual. Other ways to identified one’s self never even entered my mind. It would have been next to impossible to convince me people are born either way. Around puberty, when girls notice boys and vice versa, I believed a decision was made, I like A or B. Looking back, I honestly don’t know why I felt that way but I did. Lack of knowledge, understanding, media, family, upbringing, social norms, and so many other things influenced my thought process. Today, no I don’t believe people are determined by their body parts. I would use the book Raising My Rainbow as my source of “ammunition.” A child, three-years-old, with complete innocent and no idea of social norms, socially acceptable behavior, and gender roles was born a male but knew almost immediately they identified more as a girl. Their body did not correctly identify them; I would argue their brain did. If that is correct I would be interested to find out if there are scientifically differences between a “male brain” and a “female brain.”

Prior to this book, I would have viewed CJ’s parents in a negative light for “allowing” him to determine his sex/gender. Sex/gender is not a choice, we are born, male or female, and move forward from there. Obviously, I was wrong and somewhat naïve. After reading the book I believe CJ’s parents supported him and his decisions to identify with “girly” things. They…

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