Personal Statement : ' Rava ' Essay

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RaVa I have been known by countless names throughout my time on earth. Humans have labeled me as death, the Grim Reaper, Satan and so on. They only choose to view me as the one who has slain them. However, I am also the one who has given them life yet, no one remembers me as Mother Nature. I am best described in Chinese culture: something called Yin and Yang I believe. This is explained as being a balance of what humans have labeled “righteous” and “wicked”. I am more ambiguous than that, nonetheless, I accept my nicknames as it allows humans to understand me in some form. In my eyes, I am their Shepard and they are my sheep. I allow them to wander the pasture for a short time, however, as time passes I must eventually herd all of them back in. But, I am no God as I do not reign over this planet with immense power. Just like all walks of life I was born – bits and pieces of the earths ashes, the ocean waters and the skies air came together as one to form me. I am no different than mankind and just like any other animal, I must grow and learn. One must understand that, just like any animal, I have natural instincts. Similar to the wolves who must hunt their prey to survive; I must collect lives to continue my journey. I will admit, there is a half of me who enjoys the thrill of the chase: the half I know as Va. It must be controlled by my other half who is infatuated with the living: Ra. I am RaVa, the creator and destroyer of life on this planet. I began to ponder if

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