Personal Statement :Seeking a Master of Science Degree Essay

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I seek to pursue the Master of Science degree in Computer Science from the College of Computer and Information Science at Northeastern University. Obsessed with computers from a very young age, my experiments with programming in Basic and C translated into very good results in various school-level informatics and cyber Olympiads including once being ranked within the top 100 in all of India and scoring 97% in Computer Science in my final Senior Secondary School Examination. My next objective was to secure admission into one of the top colleges in India for Computer Science. And by doing exceptionally well in the All India Engineering Entrance Examination(AIEEE), from among the 800,000 students who wrote the exam, I was selected to join the Bachelor of Technology program in the department of Information Technology at National Institute of Technology Karnataka (NIT-K), an Institute of National Importance under the Government of India.
In college, I completely immersed myself in a multitude of projects from various fields and was often involved in the work being done by professors. While I was already proficient in C, C++ and visual basic in high school, I quickly picked up other languages such as Java, SQL, XHTML etc. so that I could get involved in a wider variety of projects. One of the most challenging tasks I enjoyed in college was working on modifying a session key based encryption technique by experimenting with different matrix operations to improve it without…