Personal Statement : Self Care

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Self-care for counselors is an imperative part of staying healthy and is essential for maintaining the optimum body, mind, and souls well being. As counselors practice wellness and self-care it will help them balance work with other aspects of their lives, to reduce stress, and have clarity when creating goals. Self-care is about giving you the gift of wellness. In this life we only have one body and how we treat our body reflects on our overall happiness and well being, not to mention our life span and immediate health. Making time for self care is a healthy acknowledgement of our humanness, not a personal shortcoming. It reflects our commitment to the counseling profession and to our clients (Wolf, Thompson, & Smith-Adcock, 2012). Using products that are made from natural materials, exercising regularly, and taking time off to relax and de-stress are all ways in which we can care for ourselves and ensure that our temple is clean, strong, and worthy of receiving all the blessings that come with a healthy mind, body and spirit. We will address ways in which counselors can take care of themselves to live a balanced healthy life.

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Counselor Wellness
Wellness is a word that has been thrown around by people in various professions along with those in Hollywood for a while now. But for those in the counseling profession it isn’t just the latest fad, it has a much more of

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