Personal Statement : Self Confidence

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Leadership is a process of role-playing in a capacity that serves a community by carving out pathways aimed toward the successful attainment of the organization’s mission.

As is required of all roles, leadership requires one to play the part. Self-confidence is a tool I have learned to use in order to facilitate relations and create opportunity for growth, as a student, a debater, and as a young professional. Without self-confidence, one limits their ability to lead effectively, because one must be self-confidence in order to instill motivation within oneself and convince others to believe in you as well.

Personal Statement
Relations comprise the individual, and one cannot be separate from their relational identity. As such, I will provide an analysis of the inseparability of self from community in terms of our inability to escape the fact that we are all connected and power is shared across the networks we establish.
Leadership roles can be taken on to pave the way for your community’s solidarity in the face of the external forces that constrain the community’s autonomy. There are a multitude of tools a leader can utilize to benefit their community, but, as is the case with all tools, choosing the correct tool for the task in question is absolutely essential in order to achieve successful results. As a results-oriented individual, I examine each of the leaders I have chosen in light of their purpose, goals, and achievements.
One key aspect of leadership that I
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