Personal Statement : Self Defense Course

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Emely Martinez
Professor Mallory
Composition 1
5 October 2014

Self-defense Course
For teenagers there is nothing more exciting or scary than getting a driver’s license. As soon as they meet the state requirements, they have the right to obtain one. But, are teenagers prepared to drive? Do they have the skills needed to drive and to be safe? According to the National Department of Highway Safety, motor-related-accidents are the leading cause of death for young people from fifteen to twenty (“The need for a Graduated Driver Licensing”).It is impossible to completely eradicate car-accidents but a significant number of deaths can be prevented. In order to reduce the driving-related fatalities, all citizens under the age of twenty-one should
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In addition, the driving courses inform what the unsafe driving behaviors are, how to identify hazards and how to act during them (National Safety Council).
Another factor that put teens at risk is inexperience. Learning to drive takes a lot of time. Teen drivers are more likely than older drivers to be the cause of their accidents because of their driving errors (“Inexperience and Immaturity cause teen accidents and death”). According analysis of more than 800 crashes involving youth drivers, most are due to common “critical errors”. 21 percent occurred due to the lack of scanning that is needed to detect and respond to hazards. Also, a larger percent involving teenage driver are single vehicle crashes. In this type of crash, the vehicle usually leaves the road and overturns or hits a roadside object such as a tree o pole (“The need for a Graduated Driver Licensing”). Virginia driving school owner, Larry Blake, believes that his profession is one of the most dangerous, since he is always riding with “inexperienced” teen drivers. Blake says that his students are always hitting the curb, going off the road, and turning too late or too soon ( Cars in America).Driving courses often offer “behind the wheel practice” which help to develop the skills and gain experience necessary to drive safely. During the course new drivers gain experience on the road such as merging,
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