Personal Statement : Self Exploration

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Self Exploration Paper Yifei Bai Arizona State University Introduction To have a clear future career plan, self-exploration would be the first step to take since those who do not know themselves well will also have no idea about where to begin their career or may be mediocre in their life (Rogers et al., 2008). Therefore, for aspiring college student, before completely stepping into the working stage, one shall specify his or her goal and make full use of the existed sources in school to enrich themselves. It is not an easy thing for one to have a career plan since it is a concept including many factors. For me, the career plan is an analysis on one’s whole life under the circumstance of the combination of individual and organization, and determine the best developing direction with realities for a person and is a feasible project for one to implement. In this paper, I would like to share some significant career development experiences that have occurred in my life. It includes the Childhood Career Aspiration, Interests and Hobbies, some Important Decisions I have made so far, my Current Major, Standing Out part and some Life Event I have had which may influence my future career. All the six sections are reflection of the past or expectations of the future from different aspects, introducing my personal ideas about the future career planning. Self Exploration Paper From a younger age to now, studying abroad in the past few years has made me think deeper
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