Personal Statement : Self Motivation And The Benefits

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When talking about success most often people think of actors, millionaires, etc. Coming from a small town, a not so wealthy family, and being a first generation college graduate, that’s not what success means to me. To me success could be as simple as getting an A+ on an assignment. Now I am going to be talking about success strategy’s that I think are important, and that everyone could benefit from. First I will talk about self-motivation and the benefits it has. Second I will talk about stress management and what you can do to relieve stress. Third I will talk about self-responsibility and what it means. Lastly I will talk about communicating in the classroom. The first success strategy that I find to be the most important is self-motivation (Downing, 2004). It took me a long time to understand, and gain the courage to have self-motivation. Sometimes it’s really hard to have self-motivation because of family, friends, and life in general. For example, when I graduated high-school, I moved to Presque Isle to go to school for nursing. Three weeks into my first semester I got engaged, and moved back home. At that point I was a college dropout, and didn’t think I could go back to college. Why would anyone want a student who went to class for three weeks then dropped out? Two years later, a lot of hard work, and a lot of sleepless nights, I graduated with a Medical Assisting degree, and now I’m going back to school for Nursing.
To have self-motivation, you need to believe…

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