Personal Statement : Senior Rater Philosophy

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MEMORANDUM FOR: All officers and noncommissioned officers (NCO) senior rated by me. SUBJECT: Senior rater philosophy. 1. Purpose. To describe my philosophy so that you understand how I will make rating decisions. 2. Intent. Leader development is the most important thing leaders do. It is my goal that each of you achieves the highest level of responsibility and service your talents permit. I will balance that goal with my duty to help identify the future leaders of our Army. 3. Bottom line up front. I believe highly competitive leaders consistently pursue the tough assignments; do their very best in every job, no matter the job; receive the occasional Highly Qualified report; and, receive Most Qualified reports in key developmental positions. 4. Senior Rater Comments. My comments will amplify the senior rater block check to send a clear message to the board. I will focus on your potential for promotion, schooling, and command three to five years in the future. I will quantify your potential relative to your peers with enumeration (e.g. “#2 of 15 MAJs,” or “#1 of 5 CSMs”) and avoid details that get in the way of clear communication. a. I reserve the Most Qualified (MQ) block check for leaders with strong potential for promotion ahead of their peers (below-the-zone) and command at battalion and above. These leaders have demonstrated through superb performance clear potential for greater responsibility and service (e.g. BN S2 who is clearly ready to serve

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