Personal Statement : Servant Leadership, Ethics, And Entrepreneurship

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In light of all the negative press about Carl T. Hayden VA Hospital I find that working for this organization is an opportunity to apply what I am learning. In this paper I discuss servant leadership, ethics, and entrepreneurship. Next, I describe my vision for my career once I have completed the Master of Business Administration with an Emphasis in Health Systems Management degree. In addition, I address the impact that completing this degree will have on meeting the greater social good and within the community. Lastly, I explain how the pillars relate to the Christian mission of Grand Canyon University. Healthcare management that utilizes servant leadership, ethics and entrepreneurship presents a unique opportunity to provide the medical community with tangible and intangible benefits. “Servant leadership has its origin from religion; servant leaders stood no different to their followers, rather leaders served them back with emotional healing and empowering the followers to newer heights. (Khan, Khan & Chaudhry,2015, p.111).” I strongly believe that if you take care of the healthcare professionals you ultimately take care of the patients. Healthcare professionals’ perceptions are a good indicator of the ethical culture in an organization. An organization with an ethical culture is described as one in which employees appreciate the importance, recognize and freely discuss ethical concerns (Cohen, Foglia, Kivong, Pearlman & Fox, 2015, p.170). If employees do not feel
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