Personal Statement : Social Media Assistant

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Problem Introduction into the Issue As I stated, I started as a social media assistant. The person that was over seeing me at the time was the Executive producer/ head of social media, I will not state her name in this case, because of her involvement in the following issue. One of the issues that occurred is the content that was uploaded to the social media page. As the social media assistant I was looking through the internet for articles or related posts that can be shared, my manager wanted me to share the content with her first before I posted it. But, her boss, CEO came into the office and looked over my content. He really liked the content that I found and wanted me to post it. So, I just post it on our page. My manger had already left for the day, so I sent her an e-mail about the work I did and didn’t hear a response back until the morning. Once I arrived to work the next day my manager sent multiple messages about posting without her permission. I explained to her that her boss forced me to post it. She was very angry with me. She even became emotion about it and started yelling at me. After that incident she never assigned me the task of managing content again. The CEO knew of the incident and never addressed the issue, and acted like the conflict would resolve itself. It didn’t, it made things worse for me, and my manager assigned less tasks for me to do as a result. This issue eventually decrease my interest in the company. This resulted in me leaving a month
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