Personal Statement: Social Responsibility

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Social Responsibility/Libra Group (political)
1. Please explain why you have selected the choice(s) above and how it connects to your interests and/or background. (150 words max)

I am keenly interested in the Social Responsibility and Policy/Government Affairs internships because I hope to pursue a career in which I have the opportunity to help others through community support and/or policy. As a junior at Dartmouth College, my liberal arts education with concentrations on government and anthropology has taught me the importance of community-based organizations in a healthy democracy. Moreover, I know that international businesses have a mutually beneficial role in supporting local organizations due to the resulting intrinsic satisfaction
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As a D1 athlete at an Ivy League school, I have many responsibilities even beyond my duties as a student athlete. Therefore, my time is meticulously planned so that I may participate in a variety of extracurriculars, such as Greek life, volunteer work, and part time jobs, in addition to striving for success in the classroom and on the field. In order to meet deadlines and be on time for meetings, attention to detail while planning my day or week is vital.
I am a quick-learner and self-starter who believes that doing more than is expected should be the norm. However, I do not want you to only take me on my word for it because, on the broader level of professional goals, I want to have the opportunity to demonstrate my merit as a worker instead of merely talking about it.

5. Please comment on a recent article or press release which you think has implications for Libra Group or one of its subsidiaries. Explain why and cite your media source. (150 words max)

Zeleny, Jeff, Jim Acosta, and Theodore Schleifer. "Rick Perry Is Donald Trump's Choice for Energy Secretary." CNN. Cable News Network, 14 Dec. 2016. Web. 14 Dec.
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Perry and Trump hope to greatly increase the use of American natural resources, coal and oil. With Perry as energy secretary and critic of the Obama administration’s renewable energy research grants and loans, he will likely push the US away from renewable resources, as he concentrates on more traditional energy sources. For Greenwood Energy, this may indicate that, during the next four years, the company may have some difficulty expanding its depth in the US; therefore, Greenwood Energy should look to expand its business elsewhere in the Americas. However, if Perry were to change course on his ideas about energy, investment in US projects could earn praise from the public and the Trump administration through the creation of local jobs. So, Greenwood Energy should continue to monitor the Trump administration’s view of renewable energy and react appropriately.

6. Briefly explain and evaluate a significant experience, achievement or risk you have taken and its impact on you. (150 words
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