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Personal Statement
My first semester as a college student was very overwhelming, due in large part to my confusion as to who I wanted to be and what career path I wanted to pursue. At the time, my parents were very demanding and limited my career choices to pharmacy. Their narrowed vision was based on the financial prospects they believed the pharmacy profession would yield for me. My father, having been raised in an impoverished household with an unstable family and very little means for achievement only wanted what was best for me. While I can understand this sentiment, his tunnel-vision kept me from exploring my own interests and finding my true passion. From my point of view, a job should more than just a source of income, it should make you feel motivated, inspired and more importantly self-fulfilled. This is what a career in social work means to me, a journey to discover an amazing profession and career that motivates me to continue striving for success in spite of any obstacles.
It was my first psychology course that truly inspired my interest, drive and curiosity for human development and behavior. For the first time ever, I was completely sure about how much I enjoyed exploring new theories and issues from areas such as motivation, cognition and wellness. Concurrently, my husband’s sister had recently become a Licensed Mental Health Counselor working in a private practice and a substance abuse center. Her love and passion for her profession further encouraged me

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