Personal Statement : Special Education

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Motivation in special education students Abdulelah Alqahtani EDUC 5501 December 2th, 2015 Dr. Dunham Author: Abdulelah Alqahtani Department of education, Shawnee State University Abstract This paper provides a brief summary of special education services and explains how special education teachers can motivate their students in many different ways. In fact, this paper indicates the benefits of motivations in the special education process for both teachers and students and how teachers should motivate their students in order to reach a full satisfaction on students’ learning. Also, there are some general ideas that used on any special education class by teachers in order to motivate their students with learning disabilities are listed in this paper. In fact, the purpose of this paper is to provide teachers and educators who are working in the field of special education a general understanding of the variety of skills that students with disabilities have and could prevent them from learning effectively just as seem as their normal peers. Therefore, this paper could help teachers to motivate their students in the classroom. Introduction One of the most essential aspects of the educational process is to know how to motivate students for learning. A challenging part of being a teacher is to know and learn how to motivate students. First of all, a good definition for motivation is as Byrnes quote “Motivation is construct
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