Personal Statement : Sports Management Program Essay

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Ethics is something which is very important in today’s world as it defines a person. Ethics in business also plays an important role as it classifies the issues in a business environment. When you work for an organization following the ethics in that particular organization is very important as its all about teamwork, every person plays an important role in the organizations success. For this assignment I have chosen the sports sector as its one of the fastest growing industries today with so many opportunities opening up. There have been a lot of professional players who quit during their peak times due to lack of money and sponsors , but in this generation the investment towards this sector has been sky rocketing giving many talented youngsters the chance to compete at the high level. We also see a lot of students switching their majors from engineering to Sports management as they see the opportunities increasing day by day. Clear example being Deakin University where the Sports management program is one of leading programs giving students a great opening in the sports field. Also lot of people today are willing to get involved with many sports to keep themselves fit as everyone wants to stay healthy With many clubs and schools making it mandatory to have sports as one of their major activities. This has brought a lot of sustainability into this sector as lot of people interact through sports in a community , school or residential complex giving them an
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