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Years ago, when my mom was in college, her car broke down in the middle of nowhere surrounded by the dark of night. She was in the middle of transferring her belongings back to school. A man in a car came to a stop and asked her if she needed assistance. In a moment of desperation, she accepted his help. Luckily, she did not get kidnapped or anything petrifying like that. Hearing her story now, I try to put myself in her shoes and figure out what I would do in that situation. With the technology I have at my fingertips, I would call my parents and some kind of car facility, use my maps app to locate where I am, and use my flashlight on my phone to check and see if I can fix the problem with my car. Technology has certainly come a long way…show more content…
Although this mindset sometimes got him into trouble, it clearly worked. Apple has provided the world with unheard of advancements. While Jobs’s pushiness sometimes became overwhelming, it ultimately led to great triumphs. Jobs was definitely passionate about leading, but his true passion was creating. He personally got involved with the best and brightest of Apple. He wanted to know how his product worked. He spent time that he did not have exchanging ideas and opinions with the engineers, concerning everything from the inner paneling of the Apple products to the whether or not the iPad should have round or sharp edges. Ken Segall, longtime Apple employee, claimed in his book Think Simple that when it came to Jobs, “[He] felt [he] had the attention of a CEO who was eager to share ideas and opinions, and one who was also capable of being swayed by someone else’s passionate argument.” One admirable thing about Steve Jobs is that he praised a brilliant idea even if it trumped his own. Being in the position of power he was in and the type of assertive, over-bearing person that he was, it was easy for him to shut down ideas that opposed his own. But that is what made him so great; he was not afraid to be wrong. All he wanted was a perfect product. He pushed his workers to create “insanely great” products and held himself at the same standard. His passion for delivering world-changing

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