Personal Statement: Stop The Meanness And End Bullying

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Title: Help us Stop the Meanness and End Bullying

In more than 30 years, I’ve seen children crying in bathrooms, coming to school headaches and stomachs. I’ve seen them distracted in the classroom, terrified of what will happen as soon as the next class is over, and worried about the end of the day.

Every child has the right to a free and uninterrupted education — but all of that is taken away if they are being bullied. Even worse than the bullying itself is that these children feel like they don’t have an advocate. Teachers tell them not to worry, that it will come to an end as they get older. Administrators push parents to the side, telling them that kids will be kids.
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It’s a call to action that will show children that we hear them. The campaign is twofold:
We want to learn more about the behaviors and tendencies associated with bullying through in-depth research.

We want to raise awareness of the problem by producing an in-depth documentary that educators can use to impact their students. The movie will show adults and children the signs of being bullied, will feature interviews with students and families that were affected by bullying, and will teach them how to respond in a bullying situation.

Stop the Meanness will encourage children to be kind and nice to one another, teach parents how to raise children who are good people, and bring to light the hidden, long-lasting effects of bullying.

We plan to join with legislators looking to pass laws that criminalize bullying. We want to hold anti-bullying rallies and concerts across the country, encouraging children come out and learn how to Stop the Meanness between children.

Please help us. Anyone who donates at least $25 will receive a t-shirt — please wear it and help us spread the word. Help us teach children that hurtful word can last a lifetime, and that bullying needs to

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