Personal Statement : ' Take A Deep Breath '

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Personal statement
I’m pacing around, in retrospect,“Take a deep breath. I will be fine,” that how I implied myself in my first exam when I was a freshman in college. That was two years ago, how fast time flies. Thankfully, the college provided me ample opportunities to foster my passion, and the most precious things I learned were about interpersonal skill. In that ensuing years, I won two kinds of scholarships and involved in several extracurricular activities including performed in Global Fest, presented my Honor Program Project, volunteered in UW night market, and be an Economics subject tutor in Tutoring Center. Ultimately, growing up in this environment encouraged me to keep moving forward to achieve my desired academic outcomes and
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Looking back, my undergraduate Business education in college has given me a great foundation to understand in that field generally and attracted me to find my current goal, to push me on to the next step. This cannot be truer than in Economics, where world evidence is constantly changing every day. With improving on these skills, I have taken charge of developing myself academically and professionally by remaining engaged, exploring all viable options, and remaining committed to my dream to enter a business apartment. Overall, I strive to empower and equip myself with knowledge through each visit with my tutee and the hope that we made together. I commit myself to extensive study and practice to master the skills of their profession. Thinking about my college life so far, I am enthusiastic to help every student with my knowledge. At the same time, I was fascinated with Economics since working in the tutoring center. The opportunity will allow me to continue to immerse myself in Business. This award encouraged me to keep moving forward with my future Business Economics major study. What’s more, that will help me further working and carrying out an idea that I have been planning for a long time: to be an business economist. Now, I want to master the skills of Business Economics, work to improve the processes of Economics practice, and successfully educate my clients so they are empowered to choose a better way.
6.The most important part of
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