Personal Statement : ' The Courage And The Smile I Walk '

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Live Strong It’s true you never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice. I am not speaking of the strength one may have to give all its power and force to lift an object. Im speaking of the strength it takes to stay mentally and emotionally strong through the life lesson may bring that are meant to break you down. I 've been through numerous obstacles in life that many people never over come.! From molestation, losing family, struggling to graduate high school to name a few. The courage and the smile I walk around with daily only tells how strong of a woman I 've become, because with all the trials and tribulations its only made me a stronger woman. I grew up in a friendly family subdivision in Houston, Texas. My family consisted of my Mother, my step father “Jack” , two little sisters and a big brother. I would like to say I had a very tight knitted family. We ate family dinners at the table together, played games together, and hosted small parties at the house for family and friends every once in awhile. I would say my Mother was the strict parent and my step Father was the easy going, laid back parent. Jack always treated us as if we were his own children, a sweet and friendly person and fun to hang around.! Jack was a man I trusted and would never imagine him hurting anyone. Jack touched me in a way that I 've never been touched. I knew it felt wrong, along with a knotted up feeling settling deep down in my stomach. So embarrassed, I

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