Personal Statement : The Hospitality Industry

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Introduction The Hospitality Industry has been regarded as one of the “most fascinating, fun, and stimulating industries in which to work” (Walker, 2016, p. 4). This is evident within special events which are “recognized as unique moments in time with ceremony and ritual to satisfy specific needs” (Walker, 2016, p. 310). Special events fall into four separate categories: mega events, association, corporate, and social functions. Out of these four separate classifications over 80% of the event market is corporate events which allows for a variety of advancement opportunities within corporate event management (Walker, 2016, p. 311). While this profession is both satisfying and rewarding it has been ranked as one of the most stressful careers…show more content…
Some of a planners daily duties include: “consulting with clients to determine objectives and requirements for events,” “coordinate services for events,” “negotiate contracts with service providers,” “maintain records of event aspects, including financial details” (Event Planner Career, n.d.). Planners are responsible for communicating with clients, colleagues, employees, sponsors, and service providers in an effort to successfully run an event. For each event there are several tasks that must be completed in order to coordinate large functions from conception to completion. These tasks include: o Determining the event budget o Securing sponsorships o Arranging catering o Developing the menu for the event o Selecting and planning for the venue o Scheduling speakers, vendors, and participants. o Creating a marketing plan o Coordinating staff/ or volunteers o Developing and overseeing the event To complete all tasks at hand for an event, a coordinator must be organized, fast-paced, interpersonal, and able to multi-task efficiently (Houghton, 2015). Industry and Career Opportunities within the Event Industry Event management is a multi-billion dollar industry, growing rapidly, with conferences, meetings, trade shows and social events hosted regularly all over the
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