Personal Statement : The Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Training

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Education has been a visible influence in my life for as long as I can remember, mainly because my mother was a teacher. However, in no way had I envisioned becoming a teacher, and certainly not an educational leader. I was content with my career as a pharmaceutical sales representative detailing products to doctors, hospital pharmacists, in addition, the perks that came with the job, i.e. salary, bonuses, and traveling to the home office for meetings. Destiny has a way of changing your path in life; consequently, after numerous life changing events I found myself pursing degrees in elementary education and educational leadership. The pharmaceutical sales representative training I obtained equipped me for becoming an elementary education teacher; the difference was the field territory, audience and products. A typical field territory included approximately 300-400 hundred doctors that represented various capacities of medicine, i.e. general practice doctors, internists, surgeons, radiologists, oncologists and pharmacists. As the leader of my territory, I established relationships with the office staff, collaborated with the nurses, and trust building with the doctors. In addition, to exhibiting best sales practices: professional communication, developing solutions, and staying abreast of current product research. My classroom was now my field territory and I needed to sell students on the features and benefits of learning in order to achieve academic

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