Personal Statement: The Purpose Of Art And Design

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I’ve been highly interested in art since 6. I loved drawing on my exam sheets and school books, sketching fantastic thoughts and comic stories. However, I had never realized the purpose of art and design until getting into high school. Inspired by activist artists Guerrilla Girls mentioned by the teacher in art class, I found art could serve as a useful tool to advocate social issues like feminism. Others critical knowledge I had learnt is color theory and art directing. By analyzing fantasy movies and ingenious commercial films, I understood the process of design could be rational and rigorous, and the works could include cultural symbols and personal experience. I’m so enthusiastic about art that I refused my parents’ suggestions of applying an elite law institute and determined to major in communication in university when I was 19. When watching my works, people always say they can feel a unique subjective emotion and notice the powerful stories and meanings I express. This is because I’ve developed most design skills not only from formal art education but from interaction with people when studying communication as well. Before designing, I tend to spend lots of time defining…show more content…
In this project, I came up with a bold idea to design movie posters by making an amazing background full of newspaper practically rather than using computer visual effect. Also, I tried my best to set the main scene of this film. In order to present the sombre atmosphere of the entire newspaper office, I researched the lighting and color grading from Hong Kong gangster films and Taiwanese dramas, interviewing journalists and investigating process of producing news. ‘Anything But Truth’ won an award of 5th Macau International Micro-movie Festival (Macau, 2015) and was selected in 14th The International Student Film&Video Of Beijing Film Academic (Beijing, 2015) and several film festivals in
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