Personal Statement : The Sports Marketing Field

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As a current college athlete, I am self-driven, motivated, focused, and competitive. I completed my major in Communication Studies with a double minor in history and marketing. I complete my undergraduate degree in three years, all while playing soccer at the D1 collegiate level. I am currently enrolled in the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at Arkansas State University. My passion lies in promotion and marketing. I am particularly interested in social media marketing. I am scheduled to complete my degree in the spring of 2017. As graduation gets closer, I must focus on building my personal brand. It is vital that I capture the attention of successful and high profile companies.
My target market is organizations that need MBA individuals with a focus in Marketing, specifically in the sports marketing field. My dream career is to work in a advertising, promotions, and marketing position for Nike. In order to reach hiring managers at Nike, I will have to distinguish myself from the competition. The sports marketing field is more competitive than ever before. I will have to leverage myself to communicate and build relationships with these managers. My tactics include: improving my resume, creating a personal website, continually updating social media platforms such as LinkedIn, bettering my interviewing skills, as well as building personal relationships with hiring managers.
Although Nike’s headquarter is in Oregon, it is a company largely known around the

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