Personal Statement : The University Of New Orleans Essay

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Jaydeep Chaudhari | University of New Orleans
Money is somewhat important to me but not more than being happy and having more time to enjoy life with family. Yes I want to have enough money to live a lavish life with my family. Yes, making money is the ultimate goal to live the life I envision. In short all I want is to become a leader in my organization helping transform it into an organization that respects all its stakeholders — while at the same time being the best son, husband and father I can be.
To become the Director of Operation management in cutting edge hospital or any corporation (i.e. Walgreens or any pharmaceutical company) and helping improve the lives of people around the nation and around the world. I will achieve this goal by completing my education and multiple internship and learning from the experts in the fields and extending current thinking into new health organizations.
Situation Analysis
My name is Jaydeep Chaudhari. I’m an undergraduate student attending University Of New Orleans and studying in Bachelors of Science in Business Administration. Getting the business school education and self-education beside life experiences has directed me toward health care careers. I have been taking classes and learning various business opportunities in healthcare fields. I want to use my business education in health care field. Now that my graduation is nearby it is time to formulate and begin executing a plan for the next 8 to 10 years of my
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