Personal Statement : ' The Varsity Team ' Essay

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I lived in rural Northeast Mississippi in a town called Pontotoc. This area was better known for sports and sweet potato farming. I viewed reading as something that I would have to just bear through to get a decent grade, so that I could play on the varsity team. The school I attended did not have a staff of extraordinary English teachers they were people who just enjoyed reading and writing. Reading had never been received by me as something I would be interested in personally. That all changed in my tenth grade year when I had Mrs. Victoria Walkers as my English teacher! She was a normal height brunette haired lady, just a regular old teacher like the rest. She was a newer teacher at the high school and had become friends with my mother who also taught at the high school, which led to Mrs. Walker and me to becoming somewhat of friends. We had somewhat of a fun loving relationship, I would say, we would pick and joke with one another like I would with almost all of my teachers. She was just another small town teacher like all of my previous English teachers, I thought. Mrs. Walker had a hidden agenda to get all the good old boys like me to get interested into reading, and she looked forward to the challenge. It all started at the beginning of the 2009-2010 school year. I had Mrs. Walker’s English class for my first period of the day. The semester started off like every semester the first week we went over the syllabus, which was full of short stories and four books that
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