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Top Executive Since the time I was a child I have found myself to be very bossy. Leading others has always come very natural to me, I have found myself always assigning the tasks in group projects, keeping everyone in line, settling arguments. For the past four years of my high school career I had no idea what career I was going to pursue. One day I found myself thinking of my uncle, he is a top executive working for a branch of the Kentucky lottery. I am jealous of the lifestyle he lives and his financial security. But I am also jealous of his job, I realized that I would love to be in that career field, and would love to do what he does. So I decided that a career in business was the only logical career for me. Based upon my research…show more content…
After acquiring my degree I imagine that I will need to move somewhere that is less rural to obtain a job. Here in Eastern Kentucky I just will not have job opportunities comparable to those in more urban areas. I may move out of state or I may have to search even farther for a career. After finding a career and having a steady income, I plan to return to school. The school I plan to attend for my graduate degree is the University of the Cumberland’s. I can attain my master’s degree in business administration online at home while still working regular hours at my job.
The path that leads to a career as a top executive begins with education. As with most occupations, receiving an education is one of the first steps that must be taken in order to begin a career and rise through the ranks. The higher education that I would first need to receive is a baccalaureate in business administration, business management, or any other industry-related field. Many universities contain business schools that offer these majors. Alice Lloyd College is my school of choice for acquiring my bachelor’s degree in business administration. The college’s “How to Apply” webpage states that it is one of the most selective schools in the United States, only admitting nine percent of applicants. The minimum ACT score required for entrance is a seventeen, and the minimum grade point average
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