Personal Statement : True North

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A leader’s personal traits will without doubt have a profound impact on the organization he/she has the opportunity to serve. Therefore, prior to developing or espousing a mission or vision statement, it is imperative to know what you stand for personally. This is what leadership expert Bill George has opined is discovering one’s “true north ” and it revolves around the topic of authenticity. It is also echoed in One Piece of Paper; “Leading yourself: what motivates you and what are your rules of personal conduct?” The value of authentic leadership is something I learned from a prior commanding officer with whom I conducted the leadership interview. My goal was to understand how he intertwined his leadership traits with his mission…show more content…
My questions involved the challenges of leading aviators into unknown conditions of combat in Syria, the extreme workload being place upon our sailors and the frustration of extended time at sea. During this interview I aimed to glean how in such a stressful time, he felt VFA-213 was able to improve the tactical ability in the jet, decrease the rates of sexual harassment and virtually rid the squadron of alcohol related incidents. Independent of the variety of questions I asked, he consistently referred to the importance of addressing the needs of his sailors as a family member would. Several times he stated that “my goal was for our squadron to truly be a family” . He believed that from that basic foundational idea would develop a more cohesive, dedicated and devoted squadron. His mission statement was “Ordnance on target, on time, every time” which doesn’t seem to align necessarily well with his family mindset but after careful examination, they go hand in hand. He believed that every sailor and officer under his command had a vest interest in the mission and would perform at their best if the mission was clearly defined. He worked tirelessly to help each sailor find a narrow definition of the mission. For example, when speaking to an ordnanceman, he would highlight how important it was that every bomb released properly from the aircraft. If speaking with an aviation technician, he would explain how lethal the jet would operate
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