Personal Statement: Uniqueness

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Reilley Delage

What’s different about me from the other submissions is that I have come through hardships. When I was three my mother went to jail and I had to live with my grandparents. Eventually they got a divorce and I had to move again. It’s hard moving to a place where everyone already has friends, where no one wants to be friends with the new girl. I ended up with no friends, eventually later in my high school years I found a few good friends. I was bullied for being overweight. Being overweight is bad because it’s not only bad for your health but it gives you restrictions on stuff you like to do. Like walking and playing games with your friends. Games as in football or soccer. I grew up believing that being over weight makes you ugly. I always had very low self esteem but I’m getting passed that where I’m pretty by being myself. Another hardship I got through was with my father. Your probably thinking why I didn’t go live with my father. Well me and his wife didn’t get along. After I turned 12 I decided that I didn’t want to visit them on the weekends, they started blaming me for it. I fell through this
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My goal for school is to go to college. I’m half way there, I got accepted into one of my colleges already. My goal in life is to be a graphic designer. I love everything about being a graphic designer, from thinking of an idea to make to actually making it from the vision inside my head. I currently go to Center for Technology in Essex. They have a program called Computer Animation and Web Page Design. They do a lot of 3D modeling, building websites, photography and a tad bit filming. I’ve been in this program for about two years. Since I have started I’ve been expanding my interests and have been more into computers and all the programs we use. Once I’m done with school, I hope to live in a town where it’s nice, calm, and not that loud, plus with good wifi because you kind of need it to be a graphic
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