Personal Statement: What Project V Means

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Hey everyone! So I thought I'd try something different. After much deliberation, I came to the conclusion that I haven't given people a grand enough reason to connect with Project V. Part of this connection has to do with knowing about me. There are so many organizations that give you a sense of connection because you know how passionate the founder(s) are, like Valiesha Butterfield of WEEN or Beverly bond of Black Girls Rock. You cant fully know the organization and not know who is attached to it. Most people know my organization is based on empowering young women to behave appropriately on social media and to equip them with the tools and resources necessary to teach others. However, many do not know what the V in Project V means. It means value. My entire journey has been about learning to value myself. Not just behavior wise, but in all aspects of my life. Like not being afraid of speaking up, Knowing that as a woman and future entrepreneur I am worth more than $10 an hour (unless I am working for a bigger purpose) or that I have to let a relationship go if it doesn't fuel my spirit as it once did.…show more content…
As of today, it has been four weeks since I quit my last job. For those who know me, this is the story of my life. I am always in and out of jobs. In the past four years, I have been laid off from the same job twice, quit the last two, and was wrongly fired at
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