Personal Statement: What To Do After Attending High School

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Personal Statement

Being from a community in which not every girl is given the chance to study further and fulfill their dreams, it was really hard for me to make my way through the path of obstacles. Something that is essential to understand me is my way to perceive and look at things accordingly. Since my childhood, I have been perceiving things as I like to because one should attempt to do things as he/she likes to not how other people want him/her to. The outer beauty is meant for wooing others and it could be vanished easily but the inner beauty remains forever and makes a person an exception among others. Nobody is perfect and nor am I, so I always try to become an honest and a truthful person. If I have to say the most significant barrier that is stopping me from
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I guide them about their current grades and how they could work hard or try to achieve extra credit in their assignments to improve their grades. They can also ask me questions regarding TAPs and if they have any questions about what should they do after completing high school. I never hesitate to provide them with the best answers that I have at that time. Whenever they do not have anything to discuss with me, I usually start off by asking them about their career goals and what dreams they would like to pursue. By talking to the freshmen students, I am able to bear with me the teachings that my parents have given me, the strength that they poured into me, and the deliberation to achieve what I admire in life. Since my childhood, pursuing a career in the field of medicine has remained to be my first and foremost ambition in life. Science and Mathematics are my favorite subjects and I feel it very interesting to study these subjects. Due to my deep interest in Science, I have decided to go to a four-year University and get majored in the field of Biochemistry. After completing my Bachelor’s degree, I would like to get the Doctorate degree and become a heart surgeon with my hard
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