Personal Statement: Who Am I?

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Who Am I? I was born _name__ on _date__ in _place__. I am a son, brother, uncle, nephew, cousin, and friend. I was desperately shy as a small child, but grew out of it. My teen years were happy times sports, friends, summers spent in __place_. It all helped shape me into who I am today. My interests are many. I have always enjoyed reading about history and follow the history channel faithfully. I love music. It's been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I find it calming when life gets rocky. I love my parents, especially my mom. Been in real love twice; been in "like" more times than I can count. For the most part school is great, but work could be better. I enjoy writing because I am able to expose my thoughts, emotions and inner feelings it's therapeutic and helps me discover how I "really" feel. Otherwise, I sometimes struggle to put my feelings into words. I'm happy most days and enjoy being around those I love. I am a passionate person healthy and outgoing. In general, I'd classify myself as a good person. I care about causes and injustice in the world. I recognize the power I have to make a difference. One of the greatest experiences I've had was during my freshman year of high school. I decided to join Upward Bound, a Trio program funded by the government to help lower income families prepare for the future and further their children's education. Participating helped me realize that education is extremely important and I know why my parents
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