Personal Statement: Why I Want To Be A Nurse

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I knew I could be a nurse when I watched blood ooze from my brother’s face. His eyes dripping tears, and body shaking from being scared, he did not know what to do. I however, did not flinch once when I wiped the blood off his small face and hands. He was just two and I remember thinking how I had to fix him. I had to make sure his nose, his forehead, and the of side of his face was okay. I did not think twice about touching blood, or how his whole nose was black and blue. In that moment I was selfless. I chose nursing because I am capable of putting others before me. I am selfless enough to understand what it means to be a nurse, and have to be a mother, a daughter, and a whole family in a patient’s time of need. I am independent, and strong enough to deal with challenges and make the right decisions. In my soul I know I am meant to help people and fix their hurting and sadness. I chose being a nurse, because I am…show more content…
She and my whole family knew that I was kind, caring, but overall head strong. In situations that one would think I would fail, I would keep going. My stubbornness and charisma too wild to stay in a cubicle 9 to 5. EMT school strengthened my desire to want to help others. Seeing those in need made me want to help and be there for those at their most vulnerable times. From a young age I had to deal with seeing people hurting, and sick. My grandfather dealing with spinal problems, and mental illness. Every time I see him I want to stay and make sure he is being taken care of. Being a nurse allows me to fully give my life to helping and making a difference in everyday life. The idea of being a nurse, and helping someone during their time of need bring me happiness and fulfillment. I want nothing more in life than to feel like I am creating a better world for someone who is
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