Personal Statement: Why I Want To Study In Economics

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In the beginning of my high school years, I started off with my interest in history and politics. While I was a freshman and sophomore at high school, I took classes such as US History and Government and Politics. In these classes, I had the opportunity to briefly learn about the economy in U.S. and other neighboring countries. At that time, I was not able to understand the mechanism behind economics. For example, I couldn’t understand why the United States suffered from such a great depression after they prospered in the Roaring Twenties. At the end of the year, these curiosities built up and encouraged me to further study into economics. Since learning AP Economics in my senior year, I have always desired to further my studies in economics. More specifically, I have wanted to study international relations in economics. Recently, Donald Trump has won the presidential election, and his presidency is expected to bring a huge change in the world’s economy…show more content…
Learning history is always important as it reveals our mistakes and grants us the opportunity to learn from our mistakes. My understanding of the history of economics will serve as a useful base-knowledge as I continue my studies in economics. Furthermore, studying Japanese and its history simultaneously will help me understand more about the Japanese culture and economy. In my third and fourth year of university, I will broaden my field of study to an international level. As I have mentioned previously, I plan to learn international economics through classes such as Study of Global Political Economy or International Public Economic Policy. Moreover, I will take business-related classes funded by corporates to get familiarized with industries in Japan and the real-world problems that they face. By taking courses at the department of Global Political Economics, I hope to utilize my knowledge to solve practical problems in the

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