Personal Statement: Working In The Medical Field

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Working in the medical field has always been one of my top long term goals. As a child, I started volunteering at different nursing homes passing out ice and eventually when I graduated from high school I was able to become a worker at one of the nursing homes I volunteered at. Last February , I was in and out of the hospital taking care of my aunt , who passed away with cancer. I would take notes for my aunt if she wasn't alert to hear the nurses or doctors comments. When my aunt was alert I would read the comments to her & she would breakdown the information so that I could have a better understanding. My aunt had her masters in nursing, which means she was a well educated women and knew most of the information the nurses and doctors would…show more content…
I would like to become a Chamberlain Student because i feel like this college can help me grow as a person and become more knowledgeable in the healthcare field. Also, I did a some research and I was impressed with Chamberlains NCLEX results. Throughout my freshman year of college I struggled with balancing school work, being a full-time cheerleader, working a part-time job and my social life. The first two weeks of college was easy to balance until I started having major exams, late night practices and working different shifts throughout the week. My freshman year was the most stressful year ever ,but I was able to pull myself together and finish strong at the end of the semester because I didn't want too lose my scholarship for cheerleading. My freshman year of college taught me how to organize and prioritize my time wisely. As of today, I know how to balance my schedule and enjoy life without being overwhelmed. I learned that if I have a major goal I would like to accomplish, there are somethings I would have to cut off in order to pursue my dreams. For instance, my sophomore year of college I stopped working throughout the week and just did weekends
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