Personal Statement for Business Studies Essay

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Personal Statement As we all know business is the way of the world. Business activities can range from shopping, promoting, buying, selling and discounting, and as an individual we come across these everyday. I am very interested in Business as it is an area that I wish to learn more about there are a lot of things that fascinate and keep my interest, however my greatest interest is business management. I believe it’s a very exciting area which will give me the opportunity to gain extensive knowledge and more understanding of the principles behind key business management and its demands and challenges. The key thing that best excites me about this area is how it affects people’s lives directly and indirectly. I’m an individual that…show more content…
My role as an event organiser was to work as part of a team to run the event. I would complete a wide range of activities requiring clear communication, excellent organisational skills and attention to detail. I would work under pressure, ensuring the event was running smooth and effective. I performed the tasks such as choosing a date for the event, making sure that all the teams knew what they were supposed to do. I also selected and confirmed a format for the adverts for the events. I also develop a timeline to include all major tasks, assigning a task deadline and responsible person. We also booked the spaces for the event and organized signage, banners and other display materials. I believe that with this role I gained knowledge and experience of how to be a good team leader and a good contributor and also how to run a team. This role also improved my communication skills, with the ability to deal with a very wide range of people. I believe that the most significant points that I have learned in my academic studies,is how a business is run, the processes that are need to help resolve any business problems. Another significant point was being able to work to deadlines and handle pressure and being able to look beyond the numbers to the business trends and drivers. I am a person who likes spending time with friends and family. I like being part of things that go on my local community and
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