Personal Statement of Purpose: A Career as a Psychoanalyst

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This is what initially prompted me to study psychology; I became interested in theories of child development and learning. My studies have allowed me to gain solid understanding of the fundamental areas of psychology, and enabled me to build on my interest in psychoanalysis specifically. During my time at the University of London I became more aware of the role psychoanalysis has in society at both a creative and a social level. Through the modules I took I learnt about the main theories within psychoanalysis; including those of Freud, Klein, and Lacan. I have also studied psychoanalytic theories of eating disorders, gender development, feminism and art.

I have been able to build upon this theoretical knowledge throughout my subsequent career working with children and families. For instance, during time spent in South America my understanding of the therapeutic aspects of creativity allowed me to facilitate the completion of a range of workshops for 18 young women, who had been victims of human trafficking and sexual abuse. I also established a club, Niños Comunicadores, aimed at expanding positive outcomes for children living in a Bolivian prison. On my return to the UK, as part of an internship with the NSPCC I completed a literature review on the emotional wellbeing of looked after children. I was responsible for finding and…
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