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I have always been passionate about English Language and Literature and am equally fascinated by the scientific linguistic study and the variety of literary genres involved and how the two collate. As a voracious reader myself, I enjoy exploring the ways the features of language are used in Literature to challenge, inspire and educate. From my GCSE years I have known that I wish to pursue a joint course of this nature to degree level. I am keen to analyse my favourite literature with further knowledge of the linguistic techniques used and gain additional insight into what makes the best texts so timeless and effective.
On my English Language course at A Level, I have been introduced to the concept of categorising texts which includes
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Both subjects have enhanced my essay writing; I enjoy developing the structure of a well-balanced and logical response and then employing relevant textual evidence to support my argument.
My courses at A Level fuelled a desire to read the works of other prominent writers throughout the years. Recently I have enjoyed exploring Arthur Miller's views on the individual's frustration with social constraints and have found the poetry of Auden to be a powerful reminder of hard times in the past. My favourite works are often those which feature a poignant satirical or political message, which still resonate today, for example Jane Austen. My study of poetry has enhanced my appreciation skills such as the employment of figurative language and the differing poetic techniques employed by writers of the Romantic period such as Wordsworth and Blake.
I have participated in two work placements where I developed my interpersonal, communication and co-operative skills; for example in a music retail store I was responsible for demonstrating keyboard instruments to customers and in a local bookshop I was trusted with handling money. I look forward this year to a two-week placement at Manchester Evening News where I will shadow the work of professional journalists and gain insight into my chosen profession. I have participated in a variety of enhancements at school, ranging from giving literacy support to younger students before their GCSE exams and

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