Personal Statement on Business Adminstration

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When working on part two of the career informational interview assignment (pre-interview research), I went through many different career exploration websites such as O*Net to have a clear understanding of this major. From that assignment, I learned that business administration is a program that prepares individuals to plan, organize, direct, and control the functions and processes of a business. Even though these are universal functions all business administrators engage in, a business manager may have a variety of responsibilities depending on the organization the manager is employed in. Although the work environment of a business administrator varies, the majority of business professionals work in offices and corporate buildings. Traveling is often common in many business positions.
Experiences that have helped me explore this major include actual assignments for class such as the academic major search (from spring semester) and the career informational interview. The academic major search in the spring helped me explore different majors such as industrial design, textiles, and business administration. The academic major search helped me explore about business administration because throughout the assignment, I was able to look into different majors, leading me to briefly look at business administration as a possible major. This experience has contributed to my knowledge because it gave me sort of the broad…
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