Personal Statement on Doctoral Degree

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I was born in a small town in India as the youngest in my family with two elder brothers. I grew up listening to the stories of my father from my mother and grandmother. My father once told me that he was a brilliant student and always wanted to join college but due to precarious family and financial conditions he could never make up to it. Though I belong to a lower middle class family, I was never deprived of basic amenities. My father sent me and my brothers to the best English school available in the town. Since the school was in collaboration with TATA Steel and my father worked there as a Chain man, so we had some relaxation in the fees. After completing my primary school, I moved to a city in the same state to pursue my higher secondary studies. Though I joined a private school, financial struggle never bereaved our family. So my father decided to go for education loan. As the best part, I got a chance to create my own identity which I always wanted. I still remember of the day after the first mid-term examination when our class teacher Mr. Chatterjee came and asked me stand up. He then added that my mark ware best in the school and that all the teachers were appreciating my performance. I was really motivated by it and for the next two years I never let them down. My hard work showed up and I got selected for admission in IIT Kharagpur, a dream college for every high school student in India. By that time my elder brother got job in a government company so financial
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