Personal Statement on Doctors

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As a child growing up in Cuba, I felt like medicine was the only career that I was interest in. In my country, a doctor is recognized as an altruist person due to the fact that they usually worked very hard and they were hardly compensated with minimum salaries. Most doctors worked for the feeling of reward felt when they brought their patients back to good health or helped them deal with their ailments and prevent them from diseases; these make them feel that they were doing the right thing. As a doctor you have the ability to cure people and the power to decrease their suffering. I enjoy the challenge and opportunity to provide patient care, this I find extremely satisfying. After I concluded my basic steps, I became a nurse with the objective to continue on to medical school. It was at a very young age that I had the opportunity to work with patients in a hospital setting and also in the community. I felt that I was just in my world. At this time not just been satisfied with caring for the patients, I also wanted to be able to diagnose and treat their illnesses so I enrolled in medical school. I started medical school with an inquisitive mind hungry for knowledge, I was impressed with semiology, it was so interesting to be able to diagnose only by asking about their symptoms and listening with my old stethoscope. We had difficulty even obtaining a cbc or an x-ray because our resources were very limited. I worked very hard and learned how to establish an open and
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