Personal Statement on Economics

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Personal Statement Prompt #1: Economics I have learned a great deal from my father, he is a man who sacrificed much, worked hard, and rose to become a high ranking officer in a major Indonesian company and a member of the faculty at the University of Indonesia. His education and dedication enabled him to become successful enough to send his son to America to receive his education. My father's work at the university has been a major inspiration to me and if admitted to the University of California, I intend to study economics. I am the first of my family to be educated in America. When I was five, my father receive his PhD and obtained an excellent job with PT.PLN Persero; an Indonesian government owned distributor of electricity. He is now a member of the faculty at the University of Indonesia where he lectures on economics. It was when I attended one of his lectures that I began my interest in economics as a possible choice of careers. His success has always provided me with an example of what a person can do if they work hard and persevere, and I have always tried to follow his example by working hard and doing the very best I could. My interest in economics was expanded when I worked as a paid intern for an Indonesian online media company called Detikcom ( This company is currently the largest online media company in Indonesia, and my job was to write and translate articles for the business and finance news. My articles can still be found at
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