Personal Statement on Mechanical Engineer

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Some people are motivated by money, others by recognition and then there are those of us who are motivated purely by our curiosity. Like most children of an early age, I always asked "why?" often questioning the purpose of any modifications my dad made to his cars. The older I got, the more advanced my questions became and eventually he ran out of answers, which has since encouraged me to find them for myself. I think that the addition of curiosity to sound technical skills is what distinguishes the great engineers from the good engineers. Curiosity is something that cannot be taught; it drives and motivates us to think bigger thoughts and do bigger things. I am inherently curious and it is for this reason that I have been inspired to pursue a future in engineering. I am a strong believer in using nature's methods as guidelines for new ways of making things work more efficiently. One example I read about was how scientists studied termite dens, and used a similar construction technique when building the Eastgate building in Zimbabwe, manipulating the passing air currents so that it uses 90 percent less energy to heat and cool than traditional buildings. This research tied in with my study of thermodynamics in Physics and has given me a great interest in the topic. I know that I would enjoy studying it in greater depth at university. Working with mathematical problems in A-level Mathematics and Physics has vastly improved my problem solving skills, whilst studying A-level
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