Personal Statement on Medical Research

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This fascination led me to select the specialty of immunology. This specialty offered the opportunity of preparing me in medical research without dissociating myself from patient care. In the years as a resident I got important tools such as: the statistical processing of the information collected, and the ability to interpret in an efficient manner the results of research studies. On the other hand, it allowed me increase my knowledge which gave me a greater understanding of the physiopathological mechanisms of many diseases. On having concluded the immunology residence, I began to work on the Institute of Hematology and Immunology, where I could combine the medical research, teaching and patient care for four years.

In 2003 occurred two events that definitely marked my preparation as a medical doctor, and my perspective of medicine. During this year, I obtained the visa to live in the United States, and for this reason, I was relocated to the internal medicine service of the Enrique Cabrera National Hospital. At the same time, The Cuban health system was suffering a sudden impact due to the decision of the government of sending massively medical abroad, especially to Venezuela. The hospital where I was working was affected by this situation, the specialists and resident of internal medicine were sent to work outside the country. For this reason the head of the department of…
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