Personal Strategic Plan

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Personal Strategic Plan
Zachary Palmer
Indiana University East

1. Mission/Vision/Competitive Advantage
My long term personal mission in my career is to own and run a hugely successful eighteen-hole PGA certified golf course. I envision my shorter term career goals as being stepping stones to this. Being financially comfortable and secure, eventually having enough capital to invest in a business is a major focus of mine. Honing my skills as a golfer and a golf professional to the master level will serve me well in making business connections. Finally, acquiring business acumen by studying and learning from the professionals in my life already will give me what I need for running a business. By
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I would most likely have to relocate from my hometown in order to do so. Another threat I face is my personal health. I have always had medical problems with my heart and ears and if they escalated it could put my career and life on hold. I exercise daily and try to eat a healthy diet to help mitigate this threat.
Should the day ever come that I am offered the business I currently am employed at, taking it or not would be a huge strategic choice. The Elk’s is an established business that already has a client base. The course is well distinguished and hosts many tournaments. My only hesitation would be the potential for growth in an area like Richmond. To be phenomenally successful you have to have a large market to work with, and I am not so sure Richmond can provide that.
Another strategic choice I may face is whether to focus more on my skills as a golfer or as a businessman. Being successful at either one can lead to owning a golf course. A respected golf master would have no trouble opening up a course, especially with all the prize money they would have won over their time. The same thing goes with a respected businessman. Right now, it is easy for me to straddle both worlds, but the day may come when I will have to make a choice.
After attaining a degree in business studies, my career options will grow. Within the next five years, I can see two attractive options available:
With my job experience and my golf
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