Personal Strengths And Weaknesses

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9) One of my many strengths is adaptability. I think in today's ever changing world this is an important characteristic. Whether it’s an unexpected quiz on the toughest chapter of any subject or a hard game on the lanes. I always prepare myself for the unexpected and when it arrives, I don't waste time but rather mold myself to the changing reality. As an example, my experience in AP Calculus is a paragon for this characteristic. When I first started taking this class, I expected to obtain good grades. But as the concepts became more difficult, my grades struggled to stay on top. To combat this difficult situation, I adapted by responding calmly and seeking intelligent help from my teacher. This helped me not only to raise my grade but fully grasp the concepts at hand. I think this characteristic can be of great help as I enter college next year and may face new challenges with new friends, teachers and a whole new place to live. Being adaptable, I expect to accept the day to day challenges with a smile and then mold myself to make life at least closer to what I desire.

My other strength would be my efficiency in communication and people skills. As a volunteer at the Adventure Science Center, I was able to talk to the public effectively and explain difficult scientific concepts whether it be part of an exhibit or a Discovery cart. My communication skills are also seen in my involvement with Forensics for the majority of my high school years. This has helped me effectively
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