Personal Strengths And Weaknesses

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Every person has their strengths and weaknesses; however big or small they are, I think it is important to identify these qualities. By identifying personal strengths and weaknesses, a person can become more successful in their professional life, as well as their personal lives. In this paper, I will be describing my strengths, weaknesses, insecurities, and improvements that I could make. Some of my strengths include my personality, experiences, and my GPA. When applying to programs, I like to accentuate these qualities because I feel like they paint a good picture of me and describe me well. By being able to talk about my strengths, I help others learn more about me and my behavior. I would consider my personality to be strength. Some…show more content…
So far, I have worked in research lab, volunteered in a hospital, shadowed doctors, and worked in a medical device company. All of these experiences combined have helped me think about what I want to do with my future. Another strength of mine is my GPA. I would say that it positively describes me because it reflects my academic career so far. In terms of describing me, my GPA just says that I am quick and thorough learner. I am able to learn concepts and then apply it on exams, in labs, and through my writing abilities. At this point of my college career, I wouldn’t say that I have a weakness, because I know that I can change my position, but if I was applying right now, I would be at a disadvantage because of my lack of letter writers and my poor science GPA. At this moment, I do not think that I have built a substantial relationship with my professors yet. I attend classes and go to office hours, but I feel like I haven’t built a strong foundation for a good relationship with them. This can be improved by asking more questions, attending office hours more regularly. Another weakness of mine, is my science GPA because it isn’t as good as it could be. I feel like it is super low, however this can be improved through more commitment to my studies. I am still unsure about my personal statement and my MCAT score. I am insecure about these two aspects because I feel like they will
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