Personal Strengths Of Personality Types

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Growing up shapes and defines our personalities, our personalities develop the most based on our experiences as young children. I once had a pre-school teacher write about who I was at close to the age of four, this is what she said, “Ivy- she presents herself as being very timid and shy, but can be as rough and tough as any of the boys. She likes to play with the boys and is rumored to have a boyfriend. She also likes to giggle with the girls and becomes very excited to see her friends and her brother Evan. She has the sweetest grin and assures her friends that ‘Mommy will be back soon’.” Even as a young child my teacher was able to gather my personality accurately and some of those traits have stayed with me as a growing adult, I believe they define me and make me unique.
In the five-minute personality test about animals, it clearly states that I have a similar if not exact personality as a golden retriever. This particular personality type is very sensitive and caring which suits myself perfectly. The golden retriever personality type is very accommodating which means we get along well and can adapt if needed. We are very calm which allows us to evaluate any situation and hold our ground. We are also affirming when it comes to certain things we will hold our ground. These strengths are what help us get along well with others and make friends easily. Making friends has always come easily for me but I can come across as reserved or indecisive which is why I
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