Personal Stress Analysis

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Stressing out on things is very common. Everyone goes through stress on various levels, and a lot of people complain about being stressed as they do not understand why we even stress at all. Stress is what you react to that could possibly interrupt your daily routine or your planned activities(Wong, 2017). So for me to understand what it is about, I will explain the results I got from taking the stress tests and all the factors that render my focus away from my tasks due to the topic at hand. How should I deal with my stress level to ease everyday situations?

According to the Social Adjustment Scale Stress Test I took earlier, my stress level is relatively moderate, almost too high, which is a score of 178. Meaning that there are things to work on in order to find out how I can deal with situations in better ways, especially since the number itself looks huge. It is recommended that I should find ways to relax myself whenever I need to. As a music listener, I should listen to music that I enjoy and can calm my nerves when I feel overwhelmed. I should also do my best to find more free time earlier to complete my tasks comfortably so that I do not have to stress about the deadlines coming too soon and work too hard to finish my work at the last minute. I have looked online and found more suggestions I could try.
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I have read on a website that the world may be not the best place, but it certainly is the only one that we are bound to live in. So I am going to try to follow what is said about the world coming from a positive perspective and solely focus on the good things that are still happening such as the love of family and friends. Worrying is not going to get me anywhere. It only adds more weight on the burden I bare for not moving forward to make a positive difference, so that puts a final stamp on what I should start working on in the beginning to better
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